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Property Management

East Bay Rental Management, Inc. (EBRM) provides full-service management and maintenance services.  Each property management agreement is designed to provide the services that are needed and wanted.

“A well-managed property helps maintain a solid relationship between owners and tenants.”


For many people, real estate is an important part of a diversified portfolio of retirement assets.  Prudent decisions made when buying a property and careful attention to its operation can minimize the risks but few properties can be left on autopilot without risk to your financial well being.  Managing investment property takes time and as with all business, some tasks are less pleasant than others.  If you’re wondering if professional management services are affordable and competitive, request a free proposal with the link.

With over twenty years experience in real estate investment and property management, EBRM aims to provide the highest standards of industry performance.  EBRM can help you reduce turnover, maintain high occupancy and provide quick response to tenant requests. EBRM can give you the freedom to put your time and energy where it is most valuable.

“Proper maintenance maintains property value, avoids the increased costs caused by deferring necessary repairs and reduces tenant turnover.”